Nature-inspired technology and design

Hull Configuration
Hull design is an important factor in fuel efficiency. Originally inspired by the shape of the whale (inverted bow or equivalent), the hull has undergone parametric modelling using the most advanced techniques with special emphasis on savings and hydrodynamics. Experts believe that an appropriate hull shape could result in up to a 5% reduction in fuel consumption.

Anti water-drag technology
The hull will be fitted with anti-drag underwater technology, which will contribute to the improvement of hull performance. “Air lubrification” systems, which use a bed of air bubbles at the base of the hull, are already readily available.

Aerodynamic design
The external design will minimise air-drag. Elements that contribute to this minimisation are the total exterior volume of the ship and its shape, as well as the position and design of the retractable sails and wind generators. Aerodynamic ship design is generally considered a prerequisite for optimal energy use.

Natural ventilation
air treatment cycle The forward and lateral gardens will work as chillers for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. Outside air will be forced into the gardens where water spray will evaporate, providing the cooling effect. Additionally, air circulating from the ship’s accommodation will cool down the incoming air after having been treated in the gardens. This chiller water circuit method is designed to save about 20% in A/C electric power when compared to a conventional compression system. In order not to mix up air sources, heat exchange will be carried out by means of wheel enthalpy recoverers.

What is biophilic design?
Biophilia is humankind’s innate biological connection with nature. It helps explain why crackling fires and crashing waves captivate us; why a garden view can enhance our creativity; why shadows and heights instill fascination and fear; and why animal companionship and strolling through a park have restorative, healing effects.
Biophilic design reconnects us with nature and is essential for providing people opportunities to live and work in healthy places and spaces with less stress and greater overall health and well-being.
In reality this involves incorporating nature within the space design, be it visual or sensual. The Ecoship’s cabins and public spaces will be designed along biophilic principles to create a space of wonder and inspiration that is a comfortable home for a three-month voyage.

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