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Ecoship will be the new platform for Peace Boat’s round-the-world educational and advocacy voyages for peace and sustainability. Sailing since 1983, Peace Boat’s over 110 voyages to date have taken more than 80,000 people to over 270 ports around the world to participate in unique cruises that blend lifelong learning with intercultural communication, cooperative activities in ports and activism for peace and the environment.

Sailing 3-4 times a year around the world, Peace Boat’ Ecoship voyages foster a culture of peace and engage the 6,000 annual participants as active global citizens. Our innovative experiential education programs combine learning onboard with study and advocacy programs in ports, and focus on the United Nations’ SDGs.


Each Peace Boat voyage is a fascinating mix of people from different cultures, ages, professions and countries. The wide range of experiences, outlooks and viewpoints on building a culture of peace and sustainability combine to create an eclectic onboard environment that mirrors the diversity of the world and its peoples. The vibrant, multi-generational, multi-national onboard community will include scholarship students and youth leaders, strengthening a worldwide network of people committed to work for a sustainable future.

Shared Learning

Learning onboard a Peace Boat voyage is based on a creative, diverse approach to lifelong learning and education based on dialogue, sharing and cooperation. Lectures, workshops and discussions organised by staff members and guest educators are supplemented by a wide variety of events planned and run by participants themselves as they share their interests, talents and life experiences.

An Effective Medium for Peace and Sustainability Education
Ecoship will take Peace Boat’s peace and sustainability education to a new level by providing an intensive three-month exposure to issues of sustainability, not only through workshops and lectures, but also through engagement with the sustainability systems and technology of the vessel. This will include monitoring consumption through smart meters in cabins, and practical volunteer work in the garden and sustainability laboratory.

Cultural Exchange and activities in partnership worldwide

In the ports visited by a Peace Boat voyage, in addition to more traditional sightseeing activities, a wide range of cultural, educational and volunteer activities are carried out in partnership with local organizations:

Study Programmes: Understanding Local Realities
Study programmes are organised to shed light on particular problems and share innovative local solutions. This local level learning is then integrated into thinking on a global scale.

Exchange programs: Building Friendships at the Grassroots
Exchange programmes bring Peace Boat participants and local people together to share common activities and move beyond the barriers of language and cultural difference.

International Cooperation: supporting each other
The ship can deliver support goods for sustainability. These goods, such as computers, school supplies and bikes are gathered by volunteers from across Japan and transported onboard the ship. Contributions reflect the actual needs of local communities, and are delivered in person, developing bonds of friendship and cooperation.

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Peace Boat is looking for forward-thinking partners to join our project:

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