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Ecoship travels to Astana to take part in the Future Energy Forum

On September 4, 2017, Peace Boat director Yoshioka Tatsuya will be in Kazakhstan to participate in the Future Energy Forum of Astana EXPO-2017. This forum is one of the central events of the expo and will provide a unique public platform for global debates on the Future Energy topic. It will be attended by international organizations, the scientific community and other stakeholders, such as NGOs and the private sector.

Several conferences have been held since June in the city. This twelfth and final conference will take place on September 4–5, 2017. Current national and international former heads of state, Nobel laureates, leading experts of science and industry—the world’s energy community—will assemble to accumulate and exemplify the ideas, knowledge, and solutions presented and developed throughout all 12 conferences of the forum. Yoshioka will take part in a working table called “New Business Models and Finance”. Finally, the insights of all events will lead into one common Astana EXPO-2017 Declaration for Future Energy.

During his time in Astana, Yoshioka will also take part on September 5 in SIGEF 2017, an annual international event organized by Horyou. Horyou is an action-oriented social network for promoting social good. They bring organizations, personalities, and supporters together to connect within an internet-based global community.

SIGEF 2017, along with the Future Energy Forum, will present a lineup of recognized change makers around effective discussions that address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through conference topics such as Smart Cities: Cities of Tomorrow, Future Energy, and SDGs as Multi-stakeholder Opportunities. In the latter topic, Yoshioka will take part in a panel discussion and will introduce the Ecoship in a keynote speech.

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