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Ecoship builds on Peace Boat’s 40-year history to become a catalyst for inspiration and change for our participants, our partners in port and for all those around the world who engage with the vessel.
The ship will promote Peace Boat’s diverse range of programmes and campaigns around the world in cooperation with a wide range of institutions, including NGOs, civil society groups, student groups and volunteer organisations.

1. Educational voyages for peace and sustainability
– 3-4 around the world voyages per year
– 8,000 Ecoship participants per year
– 100 scholarship students per year
Learn more about Ecoship onboard activities

2. Flagship for green innovation and sustainable life
– 80 ports visited every year, inspiring over 100,000 people
– Green technology innovations brought to a worldwide audience
Learn more about Ecoship In-port activities

3. International leadership
– Leadership for a green cruising model
– International networks
– Campaigns and Advocacy
– Network of international thought leaders and volunteers
Learn more about Peace Boat’s international networks and advocacy

4. UN Special Consultative Status
– Supporting the sustainable development goals
– UNISDR Resilient Cities
Learn more about Peace Boat’s support for UN goals

5. Floating sustainability laboratory
– Worldwide data collection in support of ocean and climate research
– Experimentation opportunities for green technology onboard
Learn more about Ecoship’s support for scientific research

Become a partner

Peace Boat is looking for forward-thinking partners to join our project:

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