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Design for a Paradigm Shift

In order to meet the challenging goals we have set ourselves for the project, we knew we would need to work with experts from a diverse range of fields and that every element of the ship from its hull to its engines to its onboard programmes would need to work together.

We therefore took a whole-system integrated design approach to the project; A concept derived from the belief that elements of a system work best when they are specifically designed to complement, rather than to compensate for each other.

In April 2014, we gathered world experts on naval architecture, marine engineering, renewable energy, energy efficiency, maritime law, biomimicry, and biophilia, for an Ecoship design charrette in Hamburg, Germany. This multi-disciplinary charrette approach had never before been applied to the cruise industry and the innovative outcomes formed the basis of our Ecoship specifications.

The innovative design of the Ecoship was created by Oliver Design.

Ecoshop Prow

Inspired by nature, built for real people

Inspired by the most sophisticated and adaptive system of all – our biosphere, the Ecoship draws from nature in both form and function.

  • Greater fuel efficiency derived from nature
    • Aerodynamic upper hull inspired by the whale
    • Non-toxic, anti-fouling hull coating that mimics fish skin
    • Natural heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system
  • Enhanced comfort, based on biophilic principles
    The Ecoship’s cabin and public spaces are designed for enhanced comfort, based on biophilic principles, appealing to our innate connection with nature.
  • Future ready design
    The Ecoship will have pre-installed adaptive machinery to incorporate new eco-technologies as they are developed.
Ecoshop Stern

A real on-board ecosystem

The Ecoship is not merely a vessel for travel: It is a floating ecosystem with a multi-generational on-board community, living in a unique environment.

  • Onboard garden
    A lush on-board garden serves as the heart and the lungs of the ship, featuring plants from around the world fed by rainwater and organic waste and providing fresh air, beauty, comfort and produce that the whole ship can enjoy.
  • Energy recycling
    The Ecoship will feature a microscale combined heat and power generation system and an advanced, low consumption HVAC system using waste energy from the main engines, maximising the use of waste energy re-use through exhaust gas boilers, auxiliary turbo generators and an additional steam generator system.
  • Closed-loop water system
    A closed-loop water use system ensures that wastewater is reused, purified and re-purposed, along with rain and seawater, for irrigating the on-board garden.
  • Zero water discharge, reduced air emissions
    The Ecoship redefines “clean”, promising zero water discharge, zero NOx and SOx emissions, a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions*, and no sea dumping.
    *In comparision with cruise ships with conventional propulsion built before 2000.
Ecoshop Sails

Boundary-defying use of renewable energy

The concept of Ecoship represents a radical shift in the way we address our energy needs – Unlike even the current best in market, the Ecoship aims to meet its core hotel and propulsion energy needs with renewable energy, including a future-ready engine able to adapt to bio-fuels and using LNG as a top-up energy source.

    • The world’s first 10-mast cruise liner
      The Ecoship will harness the energy of the wind, reducing propulsion fuel needs, in optimal conditions.
    • Solar panel-covered sails
      In low wind conditions, the solar panel-covered sails and 6000m2 top-deck solar farm will continue to generate over 740 Kw of power.
    • Alternatives fuels
      The Ecoship will also use biofuel and even kitchen waste as alternative fuel sources.

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