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Flagship for green innovation and sustainable life

Ecoship, with its stunning hull form and spectacular solarpanelled sails, will be an inspirational sight as it sails into port: a true flagship for green innovation. This offers incredible potential for stakeholders in ports – governmental, academic, community and commercial – to utilise the ship’s visit for advocacy on sustainability issues. Ecoship will be an exhibition hall in ports, allowing innovators, companies and educators to display their green solutions to a worldwide audience, and welcoming people from every corner of the globe to cooperate.

Opportunities for Learning and Cultural Exchange for Participants
While having fun and sightseeing remain important aspects of the Peace Boat cruise model, they are complemented by a range of educational activities organised in each and every port of call. These activities are described below.

Study Programmes: Understanding Local Realities
Study programmes are organised to shed light on particular problems and share innovative local solutions. This local level learning is then integrated into thinking on a global scale.

Exchange programs: Building Friendships at the Grassroots
Exchange programmes bring Peace Boat participants and local people together to share common activities and move beyond the barriers of language and cultural difference

Home-stays and language exposure
Peace Boat organises in-port home-stay experiences with local families. In some ports of call, exchange programs are also organised with local students of the Japanese language to offer them the chance to interact with Japanese Peace Boat participants.

The Ship as a Message of Peace and Sustainability to Local Communities
Due to carefully nurtured relationships with local media outlets, the ship’s arrival and in-port activities often receive significant coverage in local newspapers and television. The ship itself serves as a highly visible message of peace, friendship, sustainable tourism and international solidarity. Peace Boat takes advantage of its high visibility to promote certain causes.

Peace Boat’s Visits as Opportunities for International Solidarity and Joint Appeals
Peace Boat aims to contribute to the advocacy work of our local partners through the organisation of joint appeals in port, in the form of demonstrations, conferences, workshops, festivals or press conferences, aimed at raising local, national and international awareness.

The Impact of Peace Boat’s Visit on the Local Society and Economy
Peace Boat often organises activities with local communities to which the average tourist might not have access. This serves as an act of solidarity with these communities and also offers them, where feasible, an opportunity to sell their products to the onboard participants.

Become a partner

Peace Boat is looking for forward-thinking partners to join our project:

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