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Timeline – key dates

The Charrette
In April 2014, we gathered world experts on naval architecture, marine engineering, renewable energy, energy efficiency, maritime law, biomimicry, and biophilia, for an Ecoship design charrette in Hamburg, Germany. This multi-disciplinary charrette approach had never before been applied to the cruise industry and the innovative outcomes formed the basis of our Ecoship specifications.
Feasibility Studies
As a result of the Charrette, a focused consultation process was launched to investigate the feasibility of specific technological areas:
– Hull shape and hull design
– Natural ventilation
– Best fuel options
– LNG bunkering alternatives
– Sails, sails retractability and sails resistance
– Wind energy generation when alongside (retractable wind poles)
– Heat Recovery on board
– Solar energy efficiency
– Garden and available botanical choices
Today we have a General Arrangement Drawing; Technical Specifications for the vessel and a hull forms optimization program.
Consolidation of Green Advisory Board
A wide pool of partners and supporters of our project is in the process of consolidation through meetings in Germany, Japan, France, Spain and, China. Some of them are now members of our Green Advisory Board that includes internationally renowned experts, mandated to ensure that the vessel continues to benefit from the latest technologies.
Mid 2017
Shipyard Selection*
2018 to 2020
Building period*
Spring 2020
Ship Delivery*


*Estimates as of December 2017

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