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What we do

Engage Peace Boat reaches a wide international audience of all ages, including people with little to no prior knowledge of geopolitics or activism.

Educate Peace Boat aims to raise awareness of global issues, offer insight with regard to how we can mediate, resolve and, ultimately, prevent conflict, support peace education and scientific discovery, share skills and knowledge, promote discussion and facilitate communication through language learning.

Connect Through its global voyages, Peace Boat creates alliances, links like-minded organisations and groups around the world, organises joint actions for international solidarity on key global issues and reaches some of the most remote or underprivileged communities in the world making them part of an extended global family.

Mobilise The Peace Boat movement gathers individuals and organisations committed to building peace and sustainability, building capacity and consolidating diverse global efforts to drive positive social change.

Transform Peace Boat offers its participants a safe space and numerous opportunities for questioning and reflecting on their own personal prejudices, assumptions and negative habits while facilitating a shift towards more sustainable way of living.

Represent Finally, Peace Boat acts as a network of networks, sharing the ideas and concerns of thousands of people on an international platform through its function as an NGO in Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC.

Become a partner

Peace Boat is looking for forward-thinking partners to join our project:

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