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After 40 years organising world educational and advocacy cruises on conventional passenger ship, Peace Boat is ready to take its commitment to the next level: create a ship that will embody our message, become a low-carbon cruising model for the industry and be the flagship for climate action around the world.

Ecoship will address climate action via the responsibilities of maritime transport in carbon reduction and in preventing oceans and coastal areas degradation. By integrating a set of innovative technological and managerial solutions, Ecoship will be a showcase for what the industry can do. With cruising booming particularly in Asia, it is all the more urgent that it is done on sustainable basis.

As a committed campaigner for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Ecoship will be instrumental in creating awareness and trigger action. Its four annual world cruises will create the framework for hundreds of educational programs, advocacy campaigns and applied research, as well as for the hosting of international conferences and world-class exhibitions on green technologies and climate action.

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