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Ecoship announces a collaboration with Sylvia Earle

Peace Boat’s Ecoship has been delighted to announce the support of Dr. Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer in Residence and founder of Mission Blue, who has confirmed her intention to advise the organization on the development of its onboard ocean and climate research lab, which will monitor the state of the ocean and climate during the voyages.

“Peace Boat is addressing the biggest problem of all: the lack of awareness of why the ocean matters. I’m deeply honored to be a part of this project, a part of the Peace Boat movement to do what it takes to make a difference for the ocean to educate people to go around the world with a message of hope”, she said.

Plans for this lab are in initial development, and Peace Boat intends to develop partnerships with universities and other research institutions to define the research programs. And even beyond these research ambitions, Yoshioka Tatsuya, founder, and director of Peace Boat, has plans for Ecoship to make concrete contributions to the state of the ocean. “We are investigating the possibility for Ecoship to pick-up plastic waste during its cruises. As we all know, the amount of plastic garbage. I think there is a lot of room for innovation here. We will be traveling four times around the globe every year. Even on a small scale, Ecoship should work to clean up the plastic that is already at sea”, he added.

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