Boundary defying use of renewable technology

Retractable sails and wind generators
The Ecoship will be fitted with 10 retractable sails expected to produce an average of 4% of the necessary propulsion power. The maximum efficiency of the sails under optimal sailing conditions will be of 10%.

In addition the ship is equipped with 10 retractable wind turbines delivering about 300 KW with wind speed of about 12 m/s. Wind energy can be generated and used when in port or when sailing under the right wind conditions. It can power the galleys via frequency converters. Under good wind conditions, 30% of the in-port energy needs of the hotel could be covered by wind power.


Solar energy
6,000 m2 of solar panels effective at any one time (top deck and one ship’s side) provide 750 kw capacity for lighting. The total installed solar panel area is much larger, at about 12,000 m2.

Large areas of the ship in direct sunlight will be covered with solar panels. These include windows in public spaces; passenger balcony railings; the upper top deck as well as the vessel’s sails. The sails will be covered with transparent photovoltaic panels and all external lighting will be fed by the photovoltaic solar energy production systems. The Ecoship’s target for solar energy is 100% of the lighting electricity needs of the passenger cabins and exterior public areas.


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