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Ecoship’s contribution to sustainability will come not only through its technology and design, but also through its diverse activities.

Ecoship builds on Peace Boat’s 39+ year history to amplify our message for peace and sustainability. As an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, Peace Boat is a committed campaigner for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals.

As a flagship for the SDGs and climate action, Ecoship will be a catalyst for inspiration and change worldwide. It will be the medium for a diverse range of educational and advocacy programmes around the world, contributing holistically to the SDGs in three core ways:

Educational voyages for peace and sustainability

Ecoship will be the new platform for Peace Boat’s educational voyages, taking a 40-year proven model into new dimensions.

3-4 round-the-world voyages per year

8,000 voyage participants per year

100 ports visited annually, inspiring 100,000s people

Hundreds of educational programs on board and in the ports visited

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Venue, vehicle and messenger for advocacy and action

Ecoship will use its extraordinary space, both at sea and in port, for events, exhibitions or training sessions in partnership with different institutions.

Committed messenger for the SDGs, climate action and other global campaigns

Venue for global meetings

Safe mobile space beyond borders

Vehicle for training programs

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Leadership for a 'green cruising' model

Ecoship will be a model of green cruising that will contribute to climate action and preserving the natural environment, especially the oceans.

Green technology exhibitions in 100 ports annually

Testing tech for future ship developments

Floating sustainability laboratory

Model for new cruising regions to develop on a sustainable basis

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Become a partner

Peace Boat is looking for forward-thinking partners to join our project:

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