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Ecoship will be much more than a mode of transportation. Through harnessing its power as an extraordinary mobile venue, voyages on the Ecoship will create alliances and amplify international, regional and local efforts on key global issues.

Venue for global meetings: a safe, mobile space beyond borders
Ecoship will be a venue for international meetings on issues such as climate action in cooperation with international institutions, governments and civil society. As a safe, mobile space beyond borders Ecoship will provide an extraordinary venue that enables dialogue and discussion away from the conference rooms of Geneva and New York and places participants directly on the frontline of global challenges. As an example, Ecoship will establish collaboration with entities working on climate action such as the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) and the institutions of the United Nations, using the ship to visit some of those Small Island and coastal states that are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Messenger for global campaigns
Ecoship’s power will be harnessed in support of international efforts for a more peaceful and sustainable world through being a messenger for campaigns including efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. As with Peace Boat’s current voyages, Ecoship’s call into a port will be used in partnership with multi-stakeholders as a focal point for advocacy activity including press conferences, public events, seminars and exhibitions. In visiting over 100 ports per year, and able to directly impact 100,000s of people each voyage, Ecoship will be a powerful and positive tool for sustainable change.

Symbolizing the strength of Peace Boat’s commitment to the SDGs, the logo will painted on the side of Ecoship, as it is on Peace Boat’s current vessel.

In addition to supporting global campaigns, Ecoship will continue as a vehicle for Peace Boat’s own initiatives for a peaceful and sustainable world.

Vehicle for training programs
Ecoship will be used as a vehicle for specialised training programmes, in partnership with institutions worldwide. Workshop-based training can be carried out onboard, with site visits, community consultations and knowledge-sharing conferences carried out in ports. Stakeholders from different countries within a particular region can be brought together to share experiences and perspectives. This model for onboard training and regional consultation has been successfully developed with Peace Boat’s current vessel, which has hosted regional Disaster Risk Reduction courses in partnership with the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) “Making Cities Resilient” Campaign.

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