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Plant Kingdom
The green heart and lungs of the Ecoship will be the plant kingdom, a garden spanning five decks with a volume of over 900m3. Together with the vessel’s 4 green towers, it will absorb surplus technical water; utilise compost from organic onboard waste; and revitalise the vessel’s air through C02 capture and 02 release as well as being a key element of the HVAC system. The species in the plant kingdom and towers will be chosen for their adaptability to the ship’s conditions, and will also produce vegetables for consumption onboard. The plant kingdom, designed according to biophilic principles, will be the backdrop for the ship’s sustainability learning programs and research as well as a source of inspiration and comfort for the ship’s passengers and visitors.

Closed loops for waste and water systems

The Ecoship is committed to a target of zero-discharge and zero-waste operations. In addition to the reduction of waste and water consumption through design, management and education, the ship will close waste and water loops as follows:

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